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07/25/08 02:35 PM #17    

Chris Bryant

Hi everyone not sure if i can make it.I will be attenting
south brunswick reunion (married in) sorry
will be in town. might try to go to something.I LOVE U ALL

07/30/08 11:51 AM #18    

Octavia Rushin (Johnson)

What's up everyone? I can say I have enjoyed my years even through the "Hard Times". Can anyone remember when Bryan Bernard ran into the water fountain or when Trac got caught trying to tiptoe back in the house. I am hoping to see all the "true blue" people; I've had enough of the pretenders for a life time. Trac we must get together and do a "SISTAS" day. Has anyone seen Ronald Lance? I haven't seen him in a minute. Bonnie Paul Jones has moved down the road from me, I will try and catch him one afternoon to get his information.

07/30/08 08:47 PM #19    

Bonnie Stanley (Stanley-Verzella)

Thanks Octavia. If anyone else has addresses please let me know. If anyone has not received an invitation, please email me your mailing address and one will be sent to you pronto....cannot wait to see everyone in October!

08/01/08 06:01 PM #20    

Brent Tyndall

What is all this for again? I forgot.

08/03/08 10:54 PM #21    

Chris Bryant

I seen lance few yrs back. when he graduated ECPI.I am trying to find the number i had for him.Still looking.

08/03/08 10:56 PM #22    

Chris Bryant

I thought timmy and terance stayed in the area

08/04/08 04:21 PM #23    

Brent Tyndall

I talked to Ronald about 2 months ago. I know how to get his number if you can't find it. Lemme know.

09/04/08 10:19 AM #24    

Sheila Lancaster (Galloway)

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that we have extended the deadline for reunion payments until Monday, September 8th. You may still mail payments for $40 per person or $80 per couple to me at:

Sheila L. Galloway
2886 Harris Street
Supply, NC 28462

Or, you can go to the Reunion Page and pay with your credit or debit card by using PayPal. The cost is $43 per person or $85 per couple when using this service. You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your payment and that will be your receipt.

Let's get those payments going! The more people we have at the reunion, the more fun we will all have!!!!!

I look forward to seeing you there!


09/04/08 10:57 AM #25    

Felicia Stanley

HI Everyone!

I hope everyone is excited about seeing each other after all these years. We really need everyone to email their decisions and thoughts concerning this reunion. It has to be a group effort. If we do not know who is coming it makes it very hard to make the final plans. So please call or email to let us know the final head count. You can reach me at or 910-367-1087.

Hope to see everyone soon!

Felicia Stanley

09/10/08 10:53 AM #26    

Felicia Stanley


Just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Eddie Jones and they sent their check in today. I also left a message with Brett Fulford. Eddie said he would gt in touch with Keith Gunther and Bryan Cheers.

09/16/08 11:38 AM #27    

Felicia Stanley

OKAY EVERYONE it's time to come up with the dough. We only have 2 weeks to finalize everything. There are several people working together to make it work, but we still need some assistance. Nothing too hard, just respond and send your money in to pay for the building, caterer and DJ. Once again you are welcome to contact me directly by email or phone. This info is notated in the previous message I left on the website.

Please, let's work together to make this a memorable occasion.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

Felicia Stanley

09/27/08 08:24 PM #28    

Keith Croom

Hello to all just seeing all the names of our classmates and knowing that it is our 20th year reunion lets me know that you all are getting really old.(Just kidding) To you that put all this together great job can't wait untill next year please keep me in mind thanks

09/28/08 09:02 PM #29    

Felicia Gore (Hoover)

Good news - it is not too late to sign up for the reunion! Just pay ASAP online or find Sheila and give her your money. The more the merrier!

10/02/08 02:32 PM #30    

Chris Bryant

Hope some of you going to the football game.That is where i am going to be friday.

10/05/08 11:28 AM #31    

Felicia Gore (Hoover)

What a great night - so glad to see so many of you again. It took a lot of people to pull this reunion together, but I wanted to thank a few people in particular. Sheila Lancaster Galloway has spent a whole year working on this reunion. Not only did she handle the money and decorating, she managed countless details that made it all happen. Bonnie Stanley did the invitatons, the nametags, and many thoughtful details that made this reunion special. Felicia Stanley and her mother Miss Gail cooked the most wonderful food - I am sure no class reunion has had better. Fonstena Peck made a wonderful slideshow and created and managed this website which has been so much fun for us all. Thanks to you all.

10/05/08 05:57 PM #32    

Robin Leonard (King)

What a great reunion! Thank you all so much for all the work...please put me on the committee for the next one! I think we should do a weekend reunion...maybe a cruise? Sign me up...thank you all for the hard work and dedication. Love you guys!

10/06/08 02:12 PM #33    

Candace Johnson (Earl)

Kudos to everyone who planned and pulled things together.
It was AWESOME!!!.
Love yall
Candy Johnson

10/06/08 03:26 PM #34    

Karen Galloway (Roberts)

Keith and I had a great time at the reunion. It was wonderful to see all of you again. I know it isn't easy to pull an event like this together so my thanks goes out to everyone who took part in putting the reunion together!!

10/06/08 04:49 PM #35    

Pamela Sapps (Hill)

It was fun; I hope that the next one we will have more participation. It was great seeing everyone. I cant believe I still live here in Brunswick County and never see the people that are still here! Great job.

10/07/08 12:28 PM #36    

Robin Leonard (King)

I would REALLY like to have a copy of pics you guys took. Maybe you could email them to me Thanks

10/17/08 11:27 PM #37    

Bonnie Stanley (Stanley-Verzella)

Hey everyone,
I have not placed a pic in the Beacon yet due to my group shot being a little fuzzy...if anyone else has one that is pretty good, then email it to me and I will see it is forwarded on for us.
It was good to see everyone again. Take care!

10/22/08 05:29 PM #38    

Gretchen Elliott (Verzinskie)

Hello everyone. I'm just getting a chance to say I had a great time at the reunion & it was fun. It was also good to see everybody. Thanks to everyone that did all the hard work to get it together, it was really a success.


02/19/09 02:35 PM #39    

Chris Bryant

I was just checking to see if anybody out there still check this forum just want to say"whats up to the class of 88"love ya

01/18/10 06:13 PM #40    

Casey Gore

Ha yall,
I have just signed into this forum. It is very cool however not may people are keeping the "Class of 88" going this year. I am in Germany however I would like to have another reunion sometime. You bet your ass I will be there - What do you think? "Class off 88 will never die"
Casey Gore

10/16/18 06:03 PM #41    


Fonstena Johnson (Peck)

Well another reunion down.  The 30th year reunion was a huge success.  I enjoyed seeing my classmates and I hope we continue to keep in touch!!

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